Boost your Trading with our Course

Trading is hard and time -consuming when you learn from the wrong education and follow misleading people. Let us make it easy for you, and make you a consistent trader thanks to our Trading Course.
Our Course and Strategy can be successfully applied to the markets and profit from it as we have back-tested numerous times and found an Excellent Win Ratio Strategy. This course is suited for beginners and experienced traders.
As a premium member, you will receive access to the Pips Elevates Fundamental Dashboard and Technical Dashboard. Exclusive to only Pips Elevates Course members. Additionally, you will instantly receive the full signal details which include the entry price and the instrument to trade(Forex/Commodities/Indices). We are proud of our service and are constantly working to improve them.

When you decided to join this course, this because you are serious about becoming a profitable trader. Now, it’s time to commit to completing this course and following through on your decision.
This course has been structured in a way that builds your foundation first. One of the reasons that most traders fail is because they do not have a firm foundation about trading and are chasing after tricks and strategies.
Tricks and strategies are built upon your foundation.
With the right foundation and understanding, you can always craft out your own tricks and strategies.
Without the right foundation, tricks and strategies don’t matter.
That’s what this course is designed to do; to help build your foundation in which you can apply our trading strategy.

Our 1-1 course is tailor-made for those looking for a personal one to one learning environment for the most efficient and effective learning. You will be taught by a full-time professional trader with 6+ years experience in trading Forex.

We are confident that upon completion of our 1-1 course you will be able to trade independently and will have the tools necessary to create an additional source of income from of trading‚Äč.

Improve your Forex Trading instantly with Pips Elevate's 1-1 Course

Pips Elevate 1-1


$ 180 once off
  • Risk Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Psychology Training
  • Access to PE Dashboard
  • PE Fibonacci
  • Market Structure
  • PE Strategy
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